Patricia Storms’ Tart

Sex in the Witty

Just over a month ago I’d posted a blog entitled “Do Comics Need Shaking Up?” I asked if there was “room for something new and, dare I say it, adult in the comics?” Well my prayers have been answered by Patricia Storms and Tart!

Foul-mouthed, libidinously healthy, and occasionally deliciously low-brow, Tart is a real breath of fresh air when most comics have more a musty funk about them. I can tell you about it, but I honestly can’t do the comics justice. Just go read them, I’ll wait here.

(Twiddling my thumbs and whistling.)

Hee-hee-hee! See what I mean?! The drinking! The sex! The crotch itching! Funny funny stuff!

I love that it’s brazen and honest and exciting and odd, and above all, funny!

Where most comics are content, heck, even proud, to be bland, it’s nice to sink my cartoon teeth into something Tart!