End of the Year Wrap-up

Tomorrow it’ll be a brand new year, and I thought I’d take today’s blog to look back at 2004 a bit.

Probably the biggest changes this year were right here at our favorite cartoon website. I moved to a new web designer/host, Karma Marketing & Media, and have been thrilled with the results. Two redesigns and a blog later, the boys at Karma and I still have a lot of new ideas that we’ll be putting into place and I’m really pleased with how things are going.

To focus a little more on the blog, I have to say I wasn’t sure how this whole blog thing might work out. I didn’t even know what a blog was until April or so when I ran across the term in a magazine. Seven months and about 200 entries later, I gotta tell ya, I really do enjoy the blog, and I hope you do too.

Of course the engine that keeps this whole thing running is my daily crop of gag cartoons. I tried to stick to a schedule of three new cartoons every weekday. A lot of the time I hit it, and sometimes I didn’t, but on the whole I drew a slew of cartoons this year. (Some of them are even funny!)

Well, that’s about it. Thanks to everyone reading this, my editors and clients for keeping my ink in the black, the boys at Karma for putting up with me, my family for constantly telling me how funny I am, my 17-month old son for keeping his dad hopping and providing incalcuable joy, and, of course, my wife for laughing with, at, and for me all year long.

Here’s hoping 2005 is even better! See you on the other side…