Year End Wrap Up #5

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It wasn't my first set of cartoon themed playing cards posted to Flickr, but the Cheer Up cards by the mysterious Washaw got a lot of attention in the cartoon end of the blogosphere.

They're still over at Flickr, with about 30 other sets for your viewing pleasure.

And if anyone knows who Washaw is, I'd love to know!

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Year End Wrap Up #3

Seven pounds of hominy.


Why seven pounds you ask? OK, here's the story on this…

My wife had a 14 ounce can of hominy on our shopping list, which I'd picked up and put in our cart at the Shop & Save, but then on the endcap, I noticed this giant can of hominy for only 20 cents more.

Yep, for $3.09 I could get 14 ounces, or for $3.29 I could get seven pounds. In this economy, I'd be silly not to take that deal!

Anyhow, we cooked three different recipes with it, and mostly finished it up. I've also been banned from buying hominy without an escort.

Still, it provided lots of good stuff to eat, and weeks of jokes. That's good value!

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Year End Wrap Up #1

All of the wrapping paper is cleaned up, and a new year is only days away, so for the next few days I'm gonna look back at some of my favorite Andertoons blogs/events of 2008.

First on the list? Andertoons at SPX.

Img 8081-1

There was a lot of blogging about the book and the minicomics this year, but it all came to a head at SPX.

Ton's of fun, a lot of books sold, and some of favorite cartoony memories of the year. See you there next year!

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2006 Wrap-up

Wow, what a year!

A blogging look back:

January – I finally have an office. And it’s really clean!

 Images Blog Office3Large

February – I ask a book reviewer to kiss my ass again.

 Cartoon Blog Calvin And Hobbes Comics Cartoons Freecomputer Desktopwallpaper 1280

March – Bug Catcher Spidey!

 Cartoon Blog Img 0396-1

April – I’m an April fool for baby Bonnie!

 Cartoon Blog Img 0432 1

May – My first Reubens! (Day one, two/three, pics)

 Cartoon Blog Img 0479

June – Andertoons e-commerce debuts! My inbox and Paypal account take some much needed time off.

 Cartoon Blog Home-Closeup 1

July – My son – cartoon prodigy.

 Cartoon Blog Henrypirate2

August – Hanging with the crazies at Wizard World.

 Cartoon Blog Img 1496

September – I made it there; I can now make it anywhere. (NY day 1, day 2 & 3)

 Cartoon Blog Img 2089-1

October – Andertoons hacked!

 Cartoon Blog Hack-1

November – Mmm… Andertoons…

 Cartoon Blog Img 2315-1

December – Christmas pin-up.

 Cartoon Blog Img 2505

Looking back this way has been a ton of fun for me personally. My wife and I were discussing the year this morning and I think it’s probably one of the busiest, if not THE busiest, year for the Anderson clan.

So much good stuff, and so much that I’m so thankful for.

Here’s to more good friends, good health, and good humor in 2007!

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