“Shrek 2” – Review

I didn’t like Shrek. There. I said it and I’m glad.

I thought the story was so-so, Eddie Murphy grated on me after about five minutes, and if I want that much bathroom humor I’ll draw cartoons on the john.

That said, oddly enough, I really liked Shrek 2!

The story seemed to me to be more complete and fuller somehow. I know we didn’t have to worry about exposition and all that, but that doesn’t fully account for it.

It really felt like the Shrek crew rolled up their sleeves after the wild success of the first one and set about topping themselves and creating something not only popular, but clever too.

John Cleese and Julie Andrews were about as perfect a casting job as you can imagine for Fiona’s parents. And Antonio Banderas as the vicous/disarmingly adorable Puss in Boots had me in stitches. (The hairball coughing and licking scenes in particular had me howling.)

The animation and direction is wonderful, the music is a ton of fun (“Funkytown” for entering Far Far Away was inspired), and even the slew of pop culture references seems more ably placed than the original.

So, yeah, I really liked Shrek 2! (Maybe I need to go back and give Shrek another looksie?)