Shannon Wheeler – Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio

Hey there everyone! Welcome to yet another edition of Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio!

Today we welcome Shannon Wheeler of the hilarious Too Much Coffee Man!

Time to make the donuts!

1) If you were to cast a movie entirely with cartoon characters, what movie would it be and who would star in it?

I’d pull 50’s gag strip characters, the ones that boozed it up, chased women etc… back when racism, infidelity, and domestic violence were considered funny. I’d put them in the modern world, old, suffering, trying to make peace with their lives before cashing it in.

2) You’re a syndicate editor launching a new comic strip. What’s the worst possible title you can think of?

Computer generated generic character #3

(Note – Shannon was kind enough to provide the answer above after I’d deemed a first answer too offensive. The only caveat was that I include this disclaimer. Done and done.)

3) A light bulb over a cartoon’s head signifies an idea, while a string of random characters denotes swearing. Invent a new cartooning icon and what it means.

A bucket of water = embarrassed by something that’s about to happen.

Thanks Shannon! Be sure to check out Too Much Coffee Man! Peace out!

“The Norm” Subcription Deadline Extended!

Although they haven’t reached the 4000 subscriptions they’d hoped for (see my 9/28/04 blog entitled “Save the Norm!”), the good news is the Jantzes have extended the deadline!

Here’s the latest from Nicole Jantze:

“Well, we are a few days away from our deadline. We’ve met 50 percent of our goal. Not bad. But here is the interesting thing, memberships are coming in each day now at a steady pace. In fact, if we were to extend the membership drive until the end of the year, we would make our goal. I talked this over with Michael and he agreed.”

“And so … I’m extending the membership drive until December 31, 2004. Not only can you tell all your friends, now you can buy them a membership for the holidays. Or, use some of your holiday funds to buy yourself a gift … a membership to The

“Also, I still see thousands of you visiting the site each week but not subscribing, hopefully this next bit of information will convert you:

“In order to see the NEW STRIPS, you’ll have to be a member. As some corporation always says, MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS PRIVLEDGES. If you choose not to become a member, you’ll still have access to the old strips currently running on the site.

“What will the new strips be like you ask? Since Michael met some of you at the cons in October, he had a reason to think about where the strip might go. And while the direction is up in the air, one thing is for sure: The strip will be more intense, more timely and more fun (those are his words, not mine). He even thought about offering The Norm for half the week and a new feature the other half. How cool would that be? If you ask him, he won’t admit this, but I sense excitement in Michael (Wow, I sound like Yoda).

JOIN TODAY. Not only will you help us meet our goal so Michael will start drawing the strip again, but you will actually get to read the new strips.

“Be useful.”

–Nicole aka “Reine”