Mike Lynch – Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio

This week’s Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio features not only a great gag cartoonist, but a good friend. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Mike Lynch!

1) If you were to cast a movie entirely with cartoon characters, what movie would it be and who would star in it?

There are already so many good answers by so many good cartoonists on the Andertoons blog. Other than making a wretchedly offensive remark (the Li’l Abner cast of characters in “Shoah” was an idea — but, Mark, I’m sure you’ll edit that out), I can’t think of anything. Oh — no, wait. How about replacing Jim Varney from those “Ernest” movies and replacing him with a series of droll Charles Saxon New Yorker cartoons?

2) You’re a syndicate editor launching a new comic strip. What’s the worst possible title you can think of?

Lynch Mob. Every once in a while someone says if I had a strip, that should be the title. They’re sooo wrong.

And Dykes to Watch Out For is another one. But Ms. Bechdel seems to be doing OK without syndication.

3) A light bulb over a cartoon’s head signifies an idea, while a string of random characters denotes swearing. Invent a new cartooning icon and what it means.

Yeah, this is the tough one because so many other cartoonists have answered with so many funny remarks. I would suggest the head of Art Spiegleman (or is it “art spiegelman?”) hover over a character’s head in its cloud of omnipresent cigarette smoke whenever the strip becomes so opaquely esoteric that no on knows what’s going on — therefore: it’s art!

Thanks Mike for giving us some great answers! (The five bucks is in the mail!) Be sure to check out his website, www.heykidscomics.com and keep an eye out for him in publications everywhere!

Attention please – Mike Lynch has left the building. I repeat – Mike Lynch has left the building.