Thanksgiving Cartoons

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and, yes, I’m taking the easy way out with today’s blog and presenting some of this year’s Thanksgiving cartoons!

Every year I hear about how turkey and milk and all that creates the chemical tryptophan that makes you sleepy and I thought of this Thanksgiving cartoon.

Looking back, I really needed to redo this Thanksgiving cartoon and make the nametags bigger. (Every turkey is wearing one that reads “Hi, I’m Tom.”)

This Thanksgiving cartoon appeared last month in Good Housekeeping and is my favorite of the bunch this year.

And this Thanksgiving cartoon showed up in American Legion Magazine.

And finally, this Thanksgiving cartoon makes me laugh simply because it contains the phrase “creeps me out.”

Well, that’s it. I won’t be posting tomorrow as my stomach will probably be too large for me to accommodate the laptop.

See you on Friday!