Pixar’s “Cars” Teaser Trailer

Pixar has posted the teaser trailer for its 2005 offering, Cars.

There’s a laugh or two and a nice preview of what should be every little Nascar fan’s favorite DVD for years to come.

(I gotta admit though, the characters really remind me of one of those Aardman Chevron commercials.)

Fellow Chicagoan Bonnie Hunt (yippee!), Paul Newman and Richard Petty lend their voices to the last of the Disney/Pixar films. Check out more details at IMDB.

I found it interesting that they’ve finally included A Bug’s Life in the “from the creators of” portion at the beginning (although it immediately precedes a bug being squashed on a windshield).

I think A Bug’s Life, like the Coen’s Hudsucker Proxy, is sort of the forgotten Pixar film and really deserves more accolades than it received.

Here’s wishing Lasseter and crew good luck (as though they need it) with Cars!