My Current Comic Strip Favorites

I’ve been working on a few different comic strip ideas lately (although sometimes I wonder why, but that’s another blog) and have been exploring what’s out there.

To be honest, between my stay-at-home dad duties and cartooning deadlines I rarely have time to sit down and read the funnies. But there are a few I keep bookmarked on the ol’ laptop, as well as some newer discoveries, and I thought it might be interesting to showcase my current faves.

Pearls Before Swine

Pastis’ simple graphic style and outrageously funny writing make this strip a daily must read.

Rhymes With Orange

Fresh and pulpy indeed! Hilary Price’s hysterically original panel/strip keeps me inspired to write better cartoons.

Sherman’s Lagoon

It seems like the Lagoon took a few years to climb out of the primordial comic ooze and get the attention it deserves, but I’m so glad it finally has.

Speed Bump

Dave Coverly’s cartoons are loverly. (I couldn’t resist!) Honestly, it’s the funniest panel out there. Period.

Liberty Meadows

Cho’s beautiful art and smart writing make me really really jealous. And you can’t beat Brandy! GRRR-OWL!

(Note – I used to love this strip in the paper, and it looks like it’s still appearing on, but I think it was/is(?) also a comic book from Image. Anyone know the current status?)


I don’t remember my school janitor being this funny. Don’t miss some great stuff, and it’s only getting better!

Spot the Frog

Mark Heath’s sweetly funny strip continues to dazzle me. Whimsical and clever, it stands out in a sea of stagnant strips.

And finally…

Get Fuzzy

I named my dog after Conley’s delightfully dumb Satchel and the strip continues to live up to its own incredibly high standards day after day. In a word – wow!

Well, that about does it. Give ’em a try if you haven’t already. I think you’ll really enjoy each and every one of them!

6 thoughts on “My Current Comic Strip Favorites”

  1. Two more to list: Bo Nanas, by John Kovaleski (which is sweet and brainy), and Soup To Nutz (which is sweet and liberal.)

  2. For Better or For Worse, Gasoline Alley (No, I'm not saying this ironically.), Grimmy, and that new strip Franklin Fibbs. Gawrsh, that Wes Hargis kin draw!

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