Kirk Anderson – Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio

This week in Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio we welcome another member of the Cartoonists Named Anderson Club, editorial cartoonist Kirk Anderson!

Let’s be careful out there…

1) If you were to cast a movie entirely with cartoon characters, what movie would it be and who would star in it?

The Tazmanian Devil and Charlie Brown’s teacher in “My Dinner With Andre”

2) You’re a syndicate editor launching a new comic strip. What’s the worst possible title you can think of?


3) A light bulb over a cartoon’s head signifies an idea, while a string of random characters denotes swearing. Invent a new cartooning icon and what it means.

When a cartoon shows somebody with their hand on a doorknob, you don’t know if they’re opening the door, or closing it, and you can’t tell from the body language. So if a banana is perched on the character’s shoulder, that could mean s/he is opening it, and if the national flag of Nepal is hovering over the character’s head, that could mean s/he is closing it.

Thanks a bunch, Kirk! Be sure to check out his outstanding editorial cartoons at!