Roy Schneider – Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio

This week’s Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio features cartoonist Roy Schneider of The Humble Stumble! Here are his answers:

1) If you were to cast a movie entirely with cartoon characters, what movie would it be and who would star in it?

It would be a remake of The Marx Brothers’ “Horse Feathers,” and the cast would have to be as follows:

Groucho Marx: Bugs Bunny (as if there was any other possibility)
Chico Marx: Tony, the Italian restauranteur from Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp”
Harpo Marx: Joe from the comic strip “The Humble Stumble”
Zeppo Marx: Elmer Fudd… Absolutely
Ditzy College Widow: Betty Boop

2) You’re a syndicate editor launching a new comic strip. What’s the worst possible title you can think of?

“The Humble Stumble”

3) A light bulb over a cartoon’s head signifies an idea, while a string of random characters denotes swearing. Invent a new cartooning icon and what it means.

A slice of cheese over a cartoon character’s head, which would signify they’d like some cheese.

Thanks for the cheesy answers Roy! Check out The Humble Stumble!

Hold On, I Gotta Take This – It’s Dick Tracy

It may not be Dick Tracy on a TV wristwatch, but it’s pretty close.

Cell-phone users can now receive some of their favorite cartoons right on their phones., a joint venture of uclick and Handtap, is providing the cartoons in a variety of formats for mobile phone users through partner companies including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and Cingular.

Wired magazine has a wonderful article what may be an interesting new market for cartoonists.

Comics subscribers can already receive cartoons including Garfield, FoxTrot, Cathy, and, you guessed it, Dick Tracy.

Business Cartoons Mean Business

business cartoons mean business

Let’s face it, unless you’re Donald Trump, business can be pretty dull most of the time. Maybe that’s why so many people decorate their cubicles and offices with cartoons. A good laugh can really perk up your day! So why don’t more businesses use business cartoons?

It’s interesting that so few companies make the connection between cartoons and business. Are they afraid of not being taken seriously? Are cartoons just funny little drawings that no one really pays attention to? Publications like the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes and Harvard Business Review all publish business comics regularly. What’s going on here?!

Maybe we’re so buried in spreadsheets, reports and memos that it’s hard to see where humor might be able to help out. Here are some examples of how business cartoons used correctly can be a boon to both your morale and your bottom line:

Company Newsletters

Newsletters are a great place to use business cartoons! Corporate newsletters are usually filled with all sorts of company information, important information to be sure, but pretty dry reading nonetheless.

If you want your employees to really read your newsletters, give them something fun! Good comics get discussed at the coffee machine, hung up in cubicles and faxed to business contacts. They’re a great way to not only get your people to actually open the company newsletter, but explore and discuss it!

Business Presentations

You’re sitting there in the conference room wishing you had a cappuccino IV to keep your eyes open while some guy drones on and on and on. Graphs, pie charts, more graphs, some bullet points, etc… Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep a dark room of sleep deprived people engaged.

Why not pep up your presentations with some good business cartoons! Not only are they a good way to get a presentation going (similar to starting a speech with a joke), but they’re a great way to make your point throughout in a memorable way.

Websites & Intranets

Comics are a wonderful way to get business prospects and customers visiting you online day after day. Years in sales taught me that people buy from people they like, and what better way to foster a good business relationship than by offering not only your products and/or services, but also a good laugh!

Of course you want your staff visiting your website and intranet often as well. Adding some humor will give your employees a great reason to check in on all your company information too!

Advertising & Email Campaigns

Looking for more customers? Nothing succeeds like business cartoons!

Many Fortune 1000 companies use cartoons in their email campaigns. Some report astronomical email open rates, and click-thru rates in double digits! According to, companies are usually opposed to using business cartoons initially because they don’t see the value in a ‘cute’ little cartoon. The website also notes, however, that when the business cartoons become the most clicked on portion of the email, companies quickly change their minds.

Business comics are a great way to advertise as well! They’re quick, fun, and they grab your attention – wonderful attributes for potential customers to associate with your business!

Training Manuals & Fax Cover Sheets

Want to keep your trainees engaged in their training? Try humor to break up the often lengthy training sessions and help your new employees relax.

And fax cover sheets just about beg for good business cartoons! Make sure your fax is well received not only by the person you intend to read it, but by the couple of other people who’ll get a good laugh as they pass it along.

Business Cartoons are Good Business

As you can see, business cartoons simply make good business sense. Whether you use them in newsletters, powerpoints, websites, advertising, or manuals, business cartoons enliven your projects and promote interaction with both customers and employees. is your source online for outstanding office and business cartoons. Browse hundreds on a huge variety of subjects! My business cartoons are available for very reasonable rates in a variety of formats. Give them a try! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Reaches 1000 Cartoon Mark

We at are proud to announce that our humble little cartoon website has officially reached an inventory of 1000 cartoons!

It’s been a lot of work, a lot of early mornings and late nights, and a lot of asking my wife if cartoons are funny, but we made it!

I’d like to thank all of my regular cartoon customers (oh heck, even the irregular ones!) for supporting us and allowing us to continue drawing and selling funny pictures!

Thanks too to my daily cartoon subscribers! I hope you’re enjoying the cartoons, and I appreciate you forwarding them to your friends!

And a special thank you to my wife for her years of unending support and love for what I’m sure at times has got to drive her batty! I love you sweetie!

Of course, all 1000 cartoons at are searchable by both pre-sorted keywords or by typing in whatever it is you’re looking to laugh about. Our cartoons are also available on mugs, mousepads, shirts and more in the store!

Where do we go from here? I’d love to hit 2000 cartoons in the next year or so, and in addition to our regular magazine/newspaper customers, we’re looking to dip our toe into the greeting card water. I’ve also got a comic panel out at the syndicates, so keep your fingers crossed and maybe you’ll see me in a newspaper near you soon!

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