A Tale of Two Blogs

Regular readers of the Andertoons blog will no doubt have noticed some changes lately. We’ve been working hard on the website as of late and will begin integrating the blog into the site soon. Until then we’re going to be posting new entries both at Andertoons.com/blog and at Blogspot.

Andertoons readers at the Blogspot site may notice some of the links to cartoons at Andertoons.com don’t work anymore. That’s because we’ve changed our inventory system and the numbers no longer line up the same way. If you really want to see those cartoons, please go to the Andertoons.com/blog blog and find the same article. Those cartoon links are working just fine.

When the blog at Andertoons.com is finished, we’ll be discontinuing the Blogspot one, although there will be a link there to lead you to the new one.

Wow! That’s a lof of blog talk! Thanks for hanging in there! Here’s a cartoon for you!