Blog Cartoons Mean Business Too

A few weeks ago I’d posted an entry entitled “Business Cartoons Mean Business”.

Since posting I’ve been adding new blogs entries, talking on other blogs, looking for other cartoon blogs… You know, blogging! And in the midst of it all, it hits me! Blogs! Blogs need business cartoons too!


Blogging has really taken off in recent years, and it seems the business world is noticing. I’ve read more than one article about how businesses are incorporating blogs into their websites not only to better communicate with their site’s visitors, but correspond within their own organizations as well.

Blogs are wonderful for adding lots and lots of written content to a website, but that’s a problem too – lots and lots of written content. Without a little visual break, readers can quickly become overwhelmed and lose interest.

Add a business cartoon to a blog entry to spice things up, or make a business cartoon an entry in itself (and save yourself some writing in the process)! Your blog’s readers will come back more often and spend more time on the blog and your website as a whole.