New Andertoons Up & Running

The new is here!

We’ve been making lots of changes lately, so allow me to give you the tour!

The most obvious change is the new design and content for the home page. We’ve added a menu of our most popular cartoon topics to make it easier to get what you’re looking for. Of course the cartoon search engine is still working as usual in the upper right hand corner of each page. Here’s a list of the topics we’ve singled out:

Office Cartoons
Sales & Business Cartoons
Family Cartoons
Baby Cartoons
Cat and Dog Cartoons
Animal Cartoons
Doctor and Medical Cartoons
Law Cartoons
Psychology Cartoons
Education and Teacher Cartoons
Sports Cartoons
Holiday and Christmas Cartoons

The other big change is the integration of the Andertoons blog into the actual site. Of course, if you’re reading this you’ve already figured that out, but hey, I wanna be thorough.

All of the posts have been categorized for easy browsing. Don’t forget to check out our ‘Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio’ stuff too! It’s a hoot!

I’d like to thank my new partners at Karma Marketing & Media, a website design company in St Cloud, MN. They’re responsible for the redesign, and lemme tell you, they had they’re work cut out for them! I’m really pleased with the way it turned out and I hope you will be too!

Well, that’s about it for this post. I hope you dig the new stuff and, as always, the cartoons!

Talk to you later!