Awful Superhero Halloween Costumes I’d Love To See – Underwater Wonder Woman

What with all of the superhero flicks this past summer, there’s no shortage of comic book costumes for Halloween this year. But as omnipresent as they are, there’s still a few I’d like to see. I mean, heck if they made actual costumes from those DC Anime statuettes last year, maybe I got a chance!

So every Thursday this month I’m going to be suggesting some less inspired costumes of years past that I’d LOVE to see at my door asking for candy.

First up, Underwater Wonder Woman from the CBS series episode “The Bermuda Triangle Crisis”:

wonder woman water

Even all covered up, WW’s still got it.

Now, technically, unlike upcoming costumes, this is an actual real-life costume, but I want to see this mass-produced and for sale at my local Target!

SuperFriends Action Valentine Playbook

From 1980 Cleo comes this gigantic 11 x 17-ish book of Super Friends valentines!

Sure you’ve got your standard “I think you’re neat, Valentine!” sort of stuff, but there’s also 30 punch out “action” valentines! Fold here, insert tab A into slot B, etc…  What fun!

I scanned everything in really big so you can print, cut, and assemble them in time for Valentine’s Day next week. (Just click on the images for the larger version.)

I actually assembled a few and was working on taking movies of them in action, but the combination of 30 year old paper and my bratwurst fingers made for some sad, sad valentine action.

Anyway, enjoy:

SuperFriends Valentines Cover small

SuperFriends Valentines Cover Inside Front small

SuperFriends Valentines Page1 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page2 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page3 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page4 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page5 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page6 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page7 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page8 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page9 small

SuperFriends Valentines Page10 small

Hope you liked ’em! I’ve got some old Batman valentines here as well.

(And, if you get a chance, check out my valentine cartoons too.)