Christmas Cartoons – Santa Claus

Santa Claus. Fat guy, brings you toys, right? For the most part, especially when you’re a kid, thats about all you ned to know.

But when you really start digging into Santa, and Santa related stuff, you quickly realize that there’s an awful lot of great material for a cartoonist to play with. So, with the holidays approaching, I thought I take a moment and share a stocking full of my favorite Santa Claus cartoons:

Ok, Christmas is a stressful time for everyone, but imagine the pressure that Santa is under. Toy productions, elf management, all the travel… I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if he’s less than jolly come December.

This is a take on the old “go to your happy place” thing, and now that I look at it maybe “jolly” would have worked better.

Oh well. I’m glad he’s getting help.

You know, in this age of social media, Santa should have a really easy time keeping his nice and naughty lists in order.

If he’s smart he’s taking advantage of any number of APIs, setting up some sort of algorithm, and kicking back and relaxing while we all fess up online. Easy peasy.

This is probably pretty odd to work well in any of my standard markets. In fact, when you think about it a little Ionger, it gets creepy fast.

Honestly I didn’t intend anything other than a little holiday entrepreneurship, but, um… ewwwww.

Ok, moving on.

I’d love to think that Santa Claus would be immune to thoughts of marketing or branding, but it’s fairly obvious that Christmas is nothing if not commercial, so I guess it make sense that he would worry about his image.

But, come on, ‘Ho-ho-ho’ is a true classic. You don’t want to mess with that. Remember New Coke?

Ok, that does it for now. Feel free to check out all of my Santa Claus cartoons, and happy holidays everyone!

LEGO Robot Santa Claus

Performing over fifty mega-checks per second is my LEGO version of Futurama’s Robot Santa Claus:

lego robot santa claus small

It took me a few months and gobs of red bricks but I think it turned out pretty well for my first shot at something this big. Here’s a pic for reference:

futurama robot santa claus

And here’s a few closeups for you:

lego robot santa claus head small

lego robot santa claus arm small

Now, quick, move on to another blog before he gets "jolly on your naughty asses!"