You Say Potato, I Say Endless Possibilities

Aside from being a cartoonist, I’m also a dad. And part of my dad day is our pre-dessert family play time.

Often this consists of playing with our collection (four, I think) of Mr. Potato Heads. And after a few years, you can’t help but experiment a bit with the form.

So, I present some of the spuds I’m proudest of:

The Mad Scientist:

Img 4974

Turning the head and the eyes and smile upside down give it that crazy vibe, while turning the head itself over gives you that gamma-irradiated super brain look!

The Stephen King:

Img 4971

I can imagine this being an early King book – “Fore Hand.”


Img 4979

Turning the body around allows that back hatch thing to act as a nice mouth (with protruding lower lip), and you’re sorta forced to put the eyes on top. Add some raised hands your potato can have his very own philosophical crisis!

Screamer 2:

Img 4961

Again, the back hole (this time sans hatch) acts as the mouth, but I’m especially proud of the tongue in the nose hole. Turn the head upside down again and you’ve got potato that just can’t take it anymore!

And finally…

The Stegosaurus:

Img 4958

Turn in on its back, add some extra arms, and fill the front face holes with tongues and there you go!

Hope you liked ’em!

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