Another CS2 Easter Egg


Another Photoshop CS2 easter egg that’s oddly sweet:

1. Select Photoshop’s Type tool.

2. Click the Toggle Palettes button to display the Character palette.

3. Select the Font Family field in the Character palette, and type the full name of a font that you have installed (e.g. "Verdana") followed immediately by typing one of the names francis, anthony, christopher, or mitzgy — you’ll get beeped at each letter entered beyond your font’s name, but just ignore it.

4. Now, click the Toggle Palettes button again, and you should see a hidden memorial for Francis 1991-2004.

Hat tip to CreativeTech Tips.

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You Got Your Wizard In My Photoshop!

MerlinI always knew DVDs had easter eggs hidden in them, so I guess software makes sense, but still, this was kinda news to me. Meet the Photoshop wizard, Merlin!

All you have to do is:

Hold down both the Alt key and the left mouse button, then move your mouse over Palate Options in the Layers window. Let go of the mouse, and Merlin appears.

Neat huh? Useful? Nah…

But hey, it’s Friday!

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