Goooooo… MEAT!

As you’ve probably surmised, I’m really into grilling.

I’m not one of these guys with the smoker trailer competing on weekends or anything, and I’m not ordering exotic spices or olive oils online, but I do love to grill.

So when my wonderful wife suggested I take some grilling classes at the local Weber Grill restaurant, I jumped at it.

They’re really fun; very much a live cooking show, except the audience is filled with doughy guys who like to talk meat.

I’ve been to three so far, and yesterday’s was all about tailgating food. They cooked a tenderloin, some chicken wings, chili, shrimp and sausage skewers, pizza… whew!

And then we get to eat it:


They also talk drinks quite a bit. Last time it was bourbons, this weekend it was beers and, at the end of the class, a margarita.

The really cool part of the margarita was, since we’re talking tailgating, the blender is gas-powered. It’s a pull-start from cryin’ out loud.

Here it is from class:



And here’s a picture from BlenderBlaster’s site:

Blender2 Large

I don’t even tailgate and I want one!

Anyway, I’m still stuffed full of various meats and I need to lie down.

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