Chicagoland Cartoonists Cabal, Can We Talk In My Office For A Sec?

Sorry to say it looks like I’m folding the Cabal.

Lately I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to balance actual cartoon creation with peripheral cartoon stuff, and, well, the art has to come first.

So I’m taking a cue from the business world and going with the last hired, first fired approach. The CCC is the most recent thing I got going, so it’s gonna get the first pink slip. (Well, fuchsia really. Fuchsia is SO in right now!)

Thanks to everyone for coming to hang out for a bit! See ya on your blogs!

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Chicagoland Cartoonist Cabal – 4/4/07

The Chicagoland Cartoonists Cabal has its largest meeting to date last night with four members attending! Woo-hoo!

Cartoonists Brian Diskin, Worth Gowell, Kyle Miller and myself met at Barnaby’s for a few really fun hours of cartoon talk!

Here’s Brian…

Img 3024


Img 3023

…and yours truly!

Img 3025

I’d forgotten about the camera until after Kyle had left, but next time I’ll take two pics of him and catch up.

Topics discussed included pinball and RPG gaming, scuba diving, diapers, and, oh yeah, cartoons!

There was a lot of talk about different possible venues for cartoons, how the web might affect cartooning as a whole, syndication, Flash, education, editors, freelance illustration… Whew!

Honestly, by the end I’d talked myself a little hoarse. It was great!

We also played a exquisite corpse:













Like I said, what a great time!

Thanks to everyone for coming out! (Special thanks to Kyle for the Nascar Pinball game!)

The Cabal is meeting again in May, and I’m gonna look for a new place to hold it again. Barnaby’s was OK, but our growing ranks need more room for ink slinging.

Also, I’d like to try out this game! (Hat tip to EffingComics, who’s more than welcome next time!)

Hope to see everyone and even a few more there!

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Chicagoland Cartoonists Cabal

OK, I really have no on to blame but myself.

The past month I was so consumed with new website stuff that I neglected the Cabal. Plus, there were some scheduling problems for a number of members.

Still, Kyle Miller showed up and we got to talk toons and games for a good while. Turns out Kyle was directly responsible for me wasting precious hours on his Creep Night pinball when I had my PC.

Small world eh? He also brought some samples from his portfolio that were a lot of fun.

I brought some greeting cards, plenty of questions, and an apology for not getting the word out better.

That being said…

Cartooning Community, you’re on notice! Bulletin boards, blogosphere, other things that start with “b”, it’ll be everywhere!

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