Chicagoland Cartoonists Cabal’s First Meeting

Despite really crummy weather and poor driving conditions, the Chicagoland Cartoonists Cabal officially had its first meeting last night.

Kyle Miller of Working Daze, and Worth Gowell of Small Wonder braved the elements and the unknown to hang out, drink coffee, and share cartoons with yours truly last night.

Topics discussed include taking over the art on a strip, being a stay-at-home-dad, things we can’t draw, Lego Star Wars, Google image search, our kids, and the hazards of drawing a dog going to the bathroom.

I’d actually gotten my camera out and put it next to my pack of stuff, but I’m manic enough in person and I didn’t want to scare anyone off the first meeting, so you’ll have to wait until March for pics.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming and making our first meetup a success!

Visit Kyle here, here & here

Visit Worth here, here, & here

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Chicagoland Cartoonists Cabal Reminder

(Feel free to insert your own echo efect…)


At Barnes & Noble, the newly formed CCC (Chicagoland Cartoonists Cabal) is MEETING MEETING MEETING!

Don’t miss all the hot cartooning ACTION ACTION ACTION!!!

Tuesday, February 6th!


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Chicagoland Cartoonists Cabal

Calling all Chicagoland cartoonists!

I’ve just started a Meetup group for cartoonists here in the windy city and the breezy suburbs. There’s a lot of cartoonists out here, and we hardly ever get together, so I’m trying to jump start things.

Anyway, I’m figuring we’ll meet at a local bookstore or coffee shop to gab, share and complain.

There’s no cost to participate, so, all you Chicago folk, let’s meet!

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