DelOK, I’ve been sort of in an out of this Web 2.0 thing; there’s some stuff that makes sense, and then there’s a lot that seems cool but mostly useless. until recently sort of fell in the middle for me. OK, it’s nice to have all my bookmarks on the web all tagged up and such, but the whole social aspect of it? Meh…

Long story short, I’ve recently ditched Safari for Firefox, found Google’s bookmark syncing wanting, and ran across a new plug-in for Firefox that makes a breeze.

So what, you say? Well, now that I’ve got all of my bookmarks tagged and sorted (hooray for meaningless organization!), I’ve added my tag cloud to the left sidebar (toward the bottom).

I have no idea if anyone will find this useful or interesting, but the posts further down were getting lonely.

So, enjoy. Or not. I dunno… Whatever.

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You Can Tell A Man By His Bookmarks

Last weekend I worked on moving everything over from my old PC to my shiny new Mac. One of the things I was extremely happy I’d backed up recently was my collection of bookmarks. (Thank you, Firefox!)

As I was restoring and organizing them in Safari (Sorry, Firefox!), it hit me that a person’s bookmarks folder tells a lot about them. Then it hit me that this whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing stinks of yet another attempt to convince us Tom is straight. Then bookmarks again.

So, without explanation here’s a list of some of most used non-cartoon bookmarks:


Katie’s Kisses

Satellite News

The Virtual Weber Bullet

Superhero Hype

Chicago Public Radio



Anchor Knot

Well, there you go – infer what you will.

I’d be interested to see what these say about me if any of you are so inclined!