Bad Cartoons! Bad!

OK, so I’ve had these two cartoons sitting on my desk for about three months now.  They’re bad cartoons.

They’re cartoons that seemed funny at the start, stayed funny long enough to draw them, but then, before scanning, all of a sudden seemed really unfunny or nonsensical.

Here’s the first:


It’s a frog and a princess and the frog is explaining some piece of paper to her.

The original caption was "Before we do this, how do you feel about pre-kiss arrangements?"

It’s making fun of pre-nuptial agreements, but it’s not very good.  Also, I’ve done one like this before, which didn’t occur to me until later.

Here’s the thing; I’ve already done the art, so I feel like I should try to salavge it with a new caption.  The best I came up with involved me deleting the piece of paper in photoshop so the frog could say "No, an air kiss just makes me a lizard."  And I actually did change the art and typeset the caption, but it still struck me as bad, so I deleted it all.

After three months, I’m pretty much ready to throw this in recycling.

Here’s another:


The original caption was "Unless anyone has any better ideas, wiffensnoofling it is."

The idea was to put a Seuss-like character into a business setting.


Again, all drawn up, and then it just laid there.  I tried another caption, "I have no idea, why profits are low, we need a new way, to make them go go.  Dang!  Now I’m doing it!"

I really tried to come up with a generic Seuss look to the character, but I don’t think it turned out very well.

Ugh…  Time for these two to go.  Bad cartoons, I cast you OUT!

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