School Cartoons

Wow, the summer is really winding down quickly. And while I’m trying to cram as much relaxation in as possible before the new school year begins, like most families we’re also busily stockpiling pencils, notebooks & glue sticks.

So to ease us in more gently, here’s a few fun school cartoons:

I had a lot of fun imagining what a philosophy student might look like for this cartoon. Plaid shirt, long hair, scruffy stubble..  And the professor has the requisite elbow patches. But now that I look at it the office could be a lot messier, and someone definitely needs some glasses. To paraphrase what someone once said about writing (I think…), you never so much finish a cartoon as you do abandon it.

This is probably one of my most popular school cartoons. I like the joke, and the art turned out fine, but what ended up being the hard part of this was coming up with a simple sentence for the joke to hinge on. My wife was an English minor and I ran tons of possibilities past her until we hit on this one.

It took me years and years and years before I finally figured out how to draw a dog’s back legs correctly. Sure, it look simple, but it never really clicked for me until this year. Funny how that works sometimes.

OK, this is a bit of a nerdy tech joke about people hating, and I mean deeply hating, Comic Sans. For years I saw it as a pleasant enough font, but now even I have to admit that it’s pretty lame.

This also came out of examining my son’s handwriting, which apparently they don’t teach anymore in school. As someone who worked consciously for years on writing not just legibly but kind of artistically, I’m a little disappointed that this basic skill is being put on the back burner. Sigh…

OK, well that’s it for this little sampling. Feel free to check out all of my school cartoons here!