Underdog – Simon Says No Thanksgiving

Here’s a little treat for you on Thanksgiving – a great Underdog episode entitled "Simon Says No Thanksgiving."

There’s some great promo stuff at the beginning of the video immediately below, but if you just wanna start the episode, it starts at around 1:47:

Here’s part two in which Simon Bar Sinister is going to get rid of Thanksgiving so he can cross the street. I kid you not:

OK, here’s part three in which Simon Bar Sinister does a funky dance. Enjoy:

Now the big ending! What will happen!?

Mike Lynch’s Cartoon Scrapbook


If you haven’t been following inky pal Mike Lynch’s blog lately, you’re missing out on some really great old cartoons he was sent recently by a reader:

A few years ago in a thrift shop I came upon a scrapbook given by an aunt to her nieces in 1958 with several hundred pasted cartoons mostly from the Saturday Evening Post, some from the newspapers and some from Colliers.

I thought it was really cool, but now I am trying to clean up some clutter and just couldn’t throw it out. I saw your blog and thought you might appreciate the collection. It was so lovingly assembled. Anyway, would be glad to mail it to you if you have any interest.

Talk about a goldmine! Go read: