Hulk v. Superman


Listen I like comic books and superheroes and all that as much, and probably more, than the next guy, but I stop short of impassioned arguments like this:

In my humble opinion, the Hulk would beat Superman hands down. I’ve heard the arguments; They have fought before, and Superman won. That was a fan voted victory, and it was how long ago? Superman never uses his full abilities, he is faster than the Hulk, he can regenerate using the earth’s sun, he is from Crypton, he could carry Hulk into space and suffocate him, and or throw him into the sun, etc so on and so forth. You think the hulk is just going to let Supe do that? I know when I get into an imaginary fight, I win every time, but in reality ‘Super-fans’ the Hulk would be fighting Superman as he attempts to carry him out of the atmosphere, the Hulks power is his anger, and from what I’ve seen, he is usually pretty pissed when he fights.

When I get into imaginary fights they’re usually involve pillows and Charlize Theron, but there you go.

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  1. Crypton? That’s not part of the Superman “cannon.”

    Pillow fight with Theron, eh? I’m all for an imaginary drinking game with Rashida Jones.

  2. Hulk vs. Super man? I would definitely say I’m a Hulk fan over a Super man fan. And I would love to see Hulk beat that prissy Super man to a pulp. But really, just look at the illustration in your blog post. Hulk punches Superman, and he just stands there.

    Actually, i’d would LOVE to see a comic book where Hulk does beat the crap out of super man. (I like spelling his name with two words, super man).

  3. I think it’s clear from the image above that The Hulk doesn’t have a chance, and never will..

    I mean, Superman totally just took a “RRRRAH!” and a “KRAKOOOOM!” like it was nothing!

    Maybe if Lex Luther blasted The Hulk with gamma-radiation generated by a device powered by Kryptonite…

  4. Superman wins. Easy. You can try to factor in coolness (of which Hulk wins hands down), but that gets you nowhere in a fight. The article at runningdive simply states that DC hasn’t ramped up Superman’s potential powers. The powers are there and if Hulk tries taking down Superman, then there will be some problems for Hulkie. Superman simply has more powers and tricks up his sleeve.

  5. Hahaha, although actual fights between fictional characters are hard to determine, if you compare characteristics, it is a lot more easy (and funny).

    E.g. Superman vs Batman – this article is pretty funny in helping us find out who is more ‘manly’. Warning: contains swearing.

  6. Hulk vs. Superman? A girl’s perspective:
    The only fight Hulk is going to win is on the catwalk. Hulk has style – he has more of a swagger, emerald skin & a phenomenal build.

    As far as fight to the death? Superman wins but…do follow me: Superman does realize Hulk is much stronger. Superman pisses him off & then avoids him – this makes The Hulk more angry & then exhausted. The Hulk loses steam – calms down. It’s then that ‘Sup’ takes the Hulk to space -and takes him down. It’s not cool but intelligence & strategy count. Sup wins.

  7. Great insight Kelly! What you say is very true! In fact, in one of the Incredibl Hulk video games, when Hulk starts getting too angry and you make him do too much, he gets tired, and you have to let him recharge up.

    I bet Super man has played this video game many times before in research on how to battle the Incredible Hulk. That or Super man should hire you as his fighting consultant.

    The Incredible Hulk on the catwalk is a funny image. He’s strutting the latest mens’ style of skinny jeans with rips.

  8. I’m in favor of the hulk regardless of the picture at the top i feel like if superman can be beaten by a small rock then he could be beaten by the hulk in a fight to the death superman would show pity on the dying hulk if it got to that point and thats when the hulk would go in for the kill. the blind rage that the hulk goes into a fight with is too much for superman to handle in my mind so all in all i think the hulk would win

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