Hulk v. Superman


Listen I like comic books and superheroes and all that as much, and probably more, than the next guy, but I stop short of impassioned arguments like this:

In my humble opinion, the Hulk would beat Superman hands down. I’ve heard the arguments; They have fought before, and Superman won. That was a fan voted victory, and it was how long ago? Superman never uses his full abilities, he is faster than the Hulk, he can regenerate using the earth’s sun, he is from Crypton, he could carry Hulk into space and suffocate him, and or throw him into the sun, etc so on and so forth. You think the hulk is just going to let Supe do that? I know when I get into an imaginary fight, I win every time, but in reality ‘Super-fans’ the Hulk would be fighting Superman as he attempts to carry him out of the atmosphere, the Hulks power is his anger, and from what I’ve seen, he is usually pretty pissed when he fights.

When I get into imaginary fights they’re usually involve pillows and Charlize Theron, but there you go.

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