High School Toon-sical

So a while back my home town newspaper, the North Scott Press, did an article about me and my cartoons. As a result I got a gush of mail from people I haven't heard from in years.

This came from my high school geometry teacher, Mr. Birkhofer:

The reason I am e-mailing you; is that I want you to know I still have my Mark Anderson poster: "The 3 great minds of logic". (Euclid, Spock, and Opus) And of course it has your motto on the back.

I remember this vividly! Mr. Birkhofer was a big Bloom County fan and he asked me to make a poster for his class room wall. He was kind enough to send along a pic:


I'd forgotten about the motto:


Oh my goodness…

Anyway, so nice to hear from everybody! Now if I can just get Mr. Mohr to send me that old 'Joe the Piranha" story…

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