LEGO Cartoon 1 (#5961)

I’ve been looking for something different to create with my LEGOs as of late. Batman stuff and spaceships are fine and all, but I really wanted to try something more unique.

I don’t know why it took me so long to start digging into my cartoons, but here’s my first effort:

Img 7946-1

Here’s the cartoon it’s based on:


And here’s some close-ups:

Img 7960

Img 7961

Img 7962

Img 7965

BTW, that caption is actually engraved into that brick. Cool huh?

Here’s the LEGO specific AutoCAD I started with:


Anyway, I’ll be putting some more pics up over at Flickr in the next few days. Feel free to stop by and check it out.

Hope you like it! More to come soon!

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7 thoughts on “LEGO Cartoon 1 (#5961)”

  1. The word genius is tossed around too often, so I won't toss it here. But I think you're on to something. Very clever. This should be given a permanent page on your site.

  2. OH MY GOD – this is so hysterical. LOLOLOLOLOL

    I'm falling out of my chair that is so freakin' funny.

    You shold sell these as office toys or something – how funny would that be. In Groundswell,they actually have a case study on adults who love LEGOs – these people spend like 1500 a year on lego products. This is too funny.

  3. First, there was Lego Star Wars I and II. Then, Lego Indiana Jones. This fall there will be Lego Batman.

    Coming soon: Lego New Yorker cartoons (I can't wait to see the B&W Charles Addams characters)!

  4. Very nice, Mark-
    My LEGO-lovin co-worker now wants to attempt a 3D of some of the stag party cards!

    Obviously, your influence is far-reaching. Have a great day!

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