The Bonnie Hunt Show

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My wife and I aren’t celebrity people. We don’t care who’s cheating on who’s newborn and all that.

That being said, we have discussed more than once a few select celebs that we think would be interesting/fun enough to have over for dinner.

Bonnie Hunt is probably #1 on the list. There’s a midwestern-ness about her that we just adore.

Anyway, she’s got a new daytime talk show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, coming out this fall and here’s hoping her lots of luck and success!

(More on Bonnie here…)

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1 thought on “The Bonnie Hunt Show”

  1. My fella and I aren't "celebrity" people, either.

    That's why it's so galling that I actually KNOW who's doing what to whom, and how many times a week.

    The actions of celebs are covered by the main stream media. The tales of ribaldry are ubiquitous and unavoidable.

    I wish main stream media was more responsible about covering the goings-on of celebrities. It's annoying that my brain has to devote even one cell to store this useless knowledge!

    Will Bonnie Hunt have to crash an ultra light into Pizza Hut to get media coverage for her new endeavor? Hope not…

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