7 thoughts on “Andertoons Podcast #1.1 (Significantly Less Kinks, I Hope!)”

  1. Yes, I too want to be a successful cartoonist who never runs out of hot gags! I am sending $29.95 to the Andertoons Compound, c/o Chicago Area, USA for a box of those idea-filled yellow cards you showed us, and an MP3 of the Green Hornet music!!!

    Hey, who was playing the horn in that recording?

    It takes real guts to post video of just staring at the wall and calling it "making a living!" But, hey, I do it too! Congrats on Podcast 1.1! May there be many more!

  2. Wow, Mark, promise me you will never, never release a sex video! Well, that was truly boring, but clever too, keep up the good work!

  3. Mark, that was hysterical! I counted two gulps of cola…I would have had at least three cups of decaf and two trips to the bathroom before the end of the segment…

  4. Truly heart-pounding. My doctor advises not to elevate my heart pressure this much, so I hope you don't make more than one podcast per week.

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