9 thoughts on “Andertoons Logo Round 1”

  1. I would go with the first one – it looks way better. The second looks like a logo from the eighties and the third is too plain. For me anyway.

  2. I like the second. Just the right amount of whimsy and color. You could add a colorful line around "Andertoons" if you wanted to make it more boxy.

    The first is nice, but the black-filled rectangle seems a tad oppressive for a cartoon site.

  3. A logo? Cool!

    But I don't understand the three little lines over the first 2 logos. What do they represent?

    I kind of like that jumbly, different sized "O"s in the final 2. The stylized A is a good idea (the 2 in the middle), but it looks too hard and corporate.

  4. The first pair looks best to me. I like the little whimsy of the three lines over the O's. And within the pair, I like the one against a white background best. The only drawback is that I'm not sure I can use the logo for myself.

  5. The first one. Right away it made me think of cartoon eyes. I like the font. It's fun and simple.

    Like Mike, I think the second one looks too corporate.

    The third one is not bad but seems a bit serious.

  6. Wow! Thanks for all of the great input everyone!

    I opted for the top two with the three lines. We're going back to refine those now.

    I should have some more looks in a few days!

    Thanks again!

  7. By the way, when I said I liked the second one, I meant 2nd out of the six. I agree with the above comments that the second group is too business-y looking. Look forward to seeing your tweaked versions.

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