I Hate Stuff Like This

So I get this comment in my “Bad Cartoons! Bad!” post:

I wanted to announce that BSI is hosting a debate on http://throwthebsflag.blogspot.com/ beginning October 1, 2007. We are inviting Bloggers from each end of the political spectrum to comment on the political cartoons we are posting daily. Feel free to express your opinion. Send an email to bs.industries@hotmail.com with the address to your Blog and we will post the link under “Links to Participating Blogs.”


OK, when I started blogging (before blogging was big), I did some comment spam like this to begin with (which I sincerely regret!), but nowadays this sort of thing just REALLY pisses me off.

If you want me to post about something, drop me an email and I’ll consider it, but don’t pull this crap.

So, for fun, I’ve gone and posted all of this over at the offending blog in their comment section.

Fair is fair.

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7 thoughts on “I Hate Stuff Like This”

  1. Yeah, I got the same comment over at my blog.

    I went to their site and I did not see your comment there. So, I assume they deleted it from their blog's comments section. That's the same thing I'll do to them on my blog.

    For a blog whose tag line is "the BS Flag is free speech at its finest …" (it's on the left hand side of their page), this is just wrong. Change it to "free speech except when it says crap we don't like." Also: writer Silverstein, who I assume wrote the page, should credit artist Stoddard in the same big ol' type face he gives himself.

  2. What is it with your blog and spammers? If they don't think you're going to notice a new comment on an 18-month old post, what makes them think anyone else is likely to see it? Or are they just stupid?

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