I Have A Bad Feeling About This…


As bad as he Star Wars prequels were, I must admit I still have a special place in my heart for Star Wars.

I watched Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed on the History Channel (this is history?!) over the weekend, and I’m looking forward to sharing the original trilogy with the boy when he’s older.

So I’m really hoping that Lucas keeps his mitts off of the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars CGI series. But I’m betting he won’t.

Hat tip to Comics Alliance

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2 thoughts on “I Have A Bad Feeling About This…”

  1. That first half looked pretty cool, although I wonder how long it takes to get that sort of power.

    The second half looks like cut scenes, which never really impress me in a game trailer beacuse it's never playable footage.

    Also, I have to apologize for not commenting on your, or anyone else's, blog as of late.

    I've been buried in custom work. Hard to complain, but it leaves little time for my owm blogging, much les commenting, or commenting on comments here.

    Hopefully this summer my schedule will ease up and I can really get down to some serious blogging.

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