Heroes Finale – Commercial Break Live Review

8:06 – First Commercial – It’s nice to see some of the pilot footage again, and it was nicely put together with recent footage. The little girl with Parkman and the others seems like an odd late addition to the season, I’m hoping she pays off. And, yeah, why didn’t what’s-his-name allow the bullet to phase?!

8:15 – Second Commercial – Will someone explode already?! And I was sure that Nathan in the parking garage with Sylar for a minute there. Also, I like the Peter character, but the actor is starting to get on my nerves. So earnest – all the freakin’ time! Maybe one of his powers should be to lighten up a little. And where’s all the cheerleader outfits?!

8:26 – Third Commercial – So the little girl sees “next season’s even worst villain” people? The old black guy is a nice look back, and I was all ready to dismiss the scene as convoluted back story until the “I know you’re there, Peter” thing. That was nice. Note to Peter – get a haircut or a scrunchy or something, but get those damn bangs outa your eyes! How you gonna save a world you can’t even see?! Yeesh!

8:37 – Fourth Commercial – “What would I want with your brain?!” Hee-hee-hee… Seriously, that was more funny than menacing. Also, enough “boogie man” verbage from the little girl, please! It just smacks of trying too hard. And Hayden, I love ya, but the dramatic monologues might not be your strong suit. But the jumping out the window bit? Very nice!

8:50 – Fifth Commercial – Nice cat-fight opening, but I’m sick to death of Micah and DL. The Hiro/Ando “you look bad ass” line was absolutely fantastic. Those two characters are the complete soul of the show as far as I’m concerned. Looks like the last 10 minutes are gonna be the showdown I’ve predicted/waited for for half of the season. Bring it on, Kring, and don’t disappoint me.

9:01 – Ending – NICE opening lines from both Sylar and Peter. The Hiro killing Sylar thing was kinda of weak; I mean, Sylar’s this badass and then he’s very slowly taken by surprise? But I’ll give them a pass. The Nathan flying off with Peter ending? So-so. And did he need Nathan for that? OK, so Sylar’s not dead I guess – ho-hum. I expected better. Liked the “end of volume one” thing, and the Hiro in the past looks fun. Will the second season be any good? We’ll see.

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3 thoughts on “Heroes Finale – Commercial Break Live Review”

  1. Yeah, well, it was OK. But, like Marvin the Martian says, where's the KABOOM?!?!

    HEROES is like the X-MEN comic: a huge number of characters and stories that occasionally run into each other. If you don't like the one that's on now, it'll change in a minute.

    But, hey, no explosion.

    Without real-life, grounded rules of some kinda reality, the show has little dramatic punch.

    Is Syler dead? It depends on the actor's contract negotiations.

  2. This show, for me, is like a box of unmarked candy. Every episode will have something I like, and several things I don't. Alas.

  3. Yeah, I'm really wondering if I'm gonna catch season 2 or not.

    I'm hoping it'll be good enough to fill in until BSG starts up again in January. And I hope to God that's good…


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