Marvel Ultimate Alliance

As mentioned previously, I’ve been a little under the weather lately. So to pass the time I’ve been playing my PSP quite a bit.

During my year-end Let’s Avoid Taxes By Buying Boatloads of Stuff period (AKA LATBBBoS) I picked up a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Now I’m not a huge gamer per se, and generally these sort of RPG things where you increase your striking power by +5% when the moon is full and you’re wearing Haggar slacks leave me more than a little confused. Add to that the generally poor quality of super-hero games historically, and even I wondered what I was doing.

But this thing got some great reviews, and the X-men titles I’d played were a lot of fun, so I took a chance.

(This is for Mike Lynch) WOWEE-WOW-WOW!

Take a look at this YouTube vid:

OK, the quality is nowhere near what you see on the screen, but I think you get the idea.

I’ve been having the time of my life with this game. Right now my team is Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America and Spider Woman. And I’m kicking some butt on the Easy level.

The thing is kind of a button masher, but I’ve gotten used to it.

Add to that the ability to team up with other players, track your stats and progress, and chat online, and you’ve got a pretty cool package.

Here’s my villain scorecard as of now:

Villian Scorecard

And some of my current stats:


OK, I know pretty much every 8-year-old in America can kick my butt up down and sideways on this game, but I don’t care; it’s accessible enough that I can play however I’d like.

So, there you have it. I blogged about it, so it’s a write-off! ‘Nuff said!

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  1. hahahahaha VERY nice (= I've been pretty "damaged" myself for a bit after the vacation so I haven't been online much. But I've got to say… the team with Thor… is usually the team that wins haha. He's a GOD… with a GIANT HAMMER… that shoots LIGHTNING. Have you been keeping up with the Civil War series by any chance?

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