3 thoughts on “Marvel-ous Peanuts”

  1. Thanks for this. The cover you have here is by Marvel Art Director/comic book artist John Romita, who I've met a number of times. Like so many great pros, he's just the nicest guy. Today he's at a comics convention in NYC, still drawing — and still drawing fans.

    Hey — you should do some mash-ups, y'know?

    You ever see Fred Hembeck's cartoon work? Take a look here:


  2. You know what I've thought of lately? Mashups of classic jazz album covers and cartoon characters.

    Maybe Fred from Scooby-Doo and Coltrane's "Blue Train" cover? Huh? huh?

    I've also considered starting a 700 hoboes type project using titles from every Lifetime channel movie.

    Oh to have the time…

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