The Obligatory “Sorry…” Blog

Sorry Game SmallOK, it’s time for the obligatory “sorry I haven’t been blogging lately” post.

I’d tried to avoid this, I really had, but it’s been so long and so sporadic that, well, there’s no way to get out of it.

Let’s see – first there was Christmas. My wife is a teacher so we had two wonderful weeks off together with the kids. Not a lot of motivation there to blog.

Then my wife went back to school and the kids got sick. Then I got sick.

In fact, I’m still sick. I’m nursing an ear infection now that could take down an elephant. And they have really big ears.

The good news in all of this, is that things had gotten so busy, so crazy, that we hired a young lady to come in a few days a week to give me some time in the mornings to draw, invoice, email, and, yes, blog.

Today’s the first day, and right now it’s going remarkably well. I still have my office door open to check everything out, but my son and daughter seemed to have warmed right up to her.

Ohhhh… This feels good.

I’ve got some cartoon packs printing, I’m sipping a Pepsi One, listening to some NPR… Yeah, this is what I needed.

Anyway, I should be blogging more in the near future. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve got some topics sorta sketched out (1. Why gag cartoonists are second class citizens in the cartooning community, 2. Why I’m not concerned about not being the New Yorker, 3. Big plans for the website coming down the pike) that I think you’ll like, and I look forward to being able to dig into some writing a bit more.

OK, there we go. Got that out of the way. See you soon, with lots more to say!

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