4 thoughts on “PVP Animated”

  1. looks funny… i can't wait to check it out! some of the stuff is a little slow on the turn around… the dialogue doesn't have the "snap" that the comic does. but i bet it'll all be ironed out as the progress continues. by the way, i found your site here and ive been looking at it for the past few days and it's taking me a while to catch up (= haha…

    good luck! looks funny!

  2. Heck, it looks good. I like it when he shuffles his feet to move the chair.

    The online PVP comics are popular, but I never found them to be accessible. The video, which owes a nod to OFFICE SPACE and Ricky Gervais' THE OFFICE, seemed familiarly smartass and deadpan; 2 things I like.

  3. Yeah, ths whole gamer comic genre is a little too specialized for me, but I get PVP more than I get Penny Arcade. Still , neither is a regular read for me.

    Again, I gotta admire that Scott is always out there trying something.

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