Goodie Bag Closeup

BagcloseupSomeone commented on the Goodie Bag entry that they wanted to see the bag a little closer up. (Just click on the thumbnail to see the larger image.)

I scanned it in as best I could, but I can’t quite read the signature. Anyone know who did this?

The folks portrayed are Cathy Guisewite (with the cement shoes), Dick Locher (as Dick Tracy – note also the silver t-square in his left hand), Elwood Smith (in green I think), Ralph Steadman behind Cathy (if you look closely, I think the gun has a pen nib at the end of the barrel), Everett Peck (in orange) and Stephen Silver (with the violin case and the naked mole rat). Note also Eisner’s Spirit scaring the bejeezus out of Duckman!

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