Cartooning – Behind the Scenes

I just finished watching the 1965 Jack Lemmon film, How to Murder Your Wife


…and I thought it might be interesting, through this remarkably accurate depiction, to show how we cartoonists go about our daily lives.

First off, the studio.


Although mine is only one story, this is fairly typical of most cartoonists’ workspaces. Spiral staircases, chandeliers, priceless art…

Also, you might have noticed…


…the manservant. I don’t know how other artists start their days, but if my butler doesn’t hand me fresh-squeezed orange juice while I shower, I’m just off kilter for the rest of the day.

My wife wakes up more leisurely…


…thanks to putting on her makeup and styling her hair the night before.

After breakfast, I head to the club where I discuss my many financial and legal matters with my on-retainer lawyer while getting my morning massage.


After another shower, and more butler-served OJ, I get down to cartooning, dressed in clothing depicting my characters.


Later my lingerie-clad wife dances on our piano for the evening’s dinner party guests.


I finish the day’s cartoons, and pass out at my drawing board in my tux.

Drawing Board

All in all, a pretty standard day. Thank goodness Hollywood got cartooning right for once!

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7 thoughts on “Cartooning – Behind the Scenes”

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  2. Ugh… I'm getting a LOT of this lately. At least there's no live links in his comment.

    And oh my God, you're right about that arrow! If that's not some sort of Freudian weirdness I dunno what is!

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