“Complete New Yorker” Sets Dangerous Precedent

This is all over the blogosphere today re: “The Complete New Yorker”:

The WSJ reports that…

“…when a magazine wants to republish a free-lance work in a new and different format, the free-lancer must be compensated accordingly, two more-recent court rulings have found. That means when republishing articles on DVD or other digital formats, magazines must pay free-lancers again, get their permission to republish free — or preserve the original print context. The New Yorker’s solution was to scan the original magazine pages onto DVDs.”

So as long as they scan in the entire page, they don’t have to pay for further usage.

Methinks the monocle is biting the hand that fed it; not to mention the possible implications for Google’s recent en masse book scanning.

It’s a scary time to be providing content…

(Thanks be to Comics Reporter and Boing Boing.)

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3 thoughts on ““Complete New Yorker” Sets Dangerous Precedent”

  1. It's hard to beleive that a man (Mankoff) who is so dedicated to the cartoonist and cartooning would go along with a way to get out of paying artists for their work so the company can make a bigger buck.

  2. Bob may not have anything to do with it. I doubt he and the rest of the masthead are twisting their mustaches and giggling while counting their stacks of gold coin. I assume someonefarabove them made the call here. But it did provoke the following comment to my wife, one I never thought I'd hear myself say – "Maybe it's better I'm not in The New Yorker."

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