The Mural of the Story

New York’s Overlook Lounge (formerly Costello’s) drew some of the cartoon world’s finest talents yesterday who, in turn, drew on the walls.

Cartoonist Mike Lynch organized a gaggle of great artists including New York Daily News legend Bill Gallo, Playboy’s Don Orehek, The New Yorker‘s Mort Gerberg, John Caldwell and Sam Gross, Beetle Bailey’s Mort Walker, Howard Huge/Lockhorn‘s John Reiner and a slew of others who, in exchange for some food and beer, drew a gigantic cartoon mural.

The new art will be great company for the Overlook’s landmark 1976 cartoon mural by luminaries including Stan Lee, Gil Kane, Milton Caniff and Sergio Aragonnes.

Check out the video (Quicktime only, sorry…) from NY1, this article from the New York Daily News, and this one from the New York Post.

Mike has also been kind enough to pass along some great photos from the event:

Overlook server Caroline poses with the blank canvas

Don Orehek gets the ball rolling

The New Yorker‘s Mort Gerberg, John Caldwell and Sam Gross

Bill Kresse gets some “Super Duper” media coverage

Reiner’s drawing a huge Huge

Sam Norkin, Mort Walker and Overlook Lounge’s co-owner Jeff Perzan

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