3 thoughts on “Andertoons Gags In USA Weekend”

  1. I saw that squirrel cartoon and wondered if it was an Andertoon. Just had a feeling maybe it was. Weird, no?

    Anyway, for some reason my copy of the USA Today magazine did not have a credit for you. I hope this was an oversight, since I remember you've received a co-credit with Casey Shaw in previous issues.

  2. hey, Mark — you're absolutely correct. Sorry. It's been crazed around here the past few weeks and I've been lucky to get the cartoons drawn and in place in time to print them. It completely slipped my mind to have them fix the credit like we did in the past. I'll have them fix it on the web site. And feel free to drop me an email reminder whenever you run across anything like this. My apologies. — casey

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