Reimagining “Blondie”

I ran across this concerning the big 75th Blondie anniversary:

…”Blondie” will be celebrated across the funny pages and include a visit from the U.S. first couple.

President Bush and first lady Laura Bush will show up in the finale, Sept. 4, which will feature the party at the Bumstead`s home…

OK, I’ll admit it, I was all set to mock this, but then it hit me; this is a golden opportunity for one of the most geriatric comic strips to really reinvent itself!

With the Bushes involved, maybe the strip can morph into some biting political satire. Let’s kill off Mr. Dithers and have Bush become Dagwood’s new boss. Or maybe W appoints Dagwood to the Supreme Court!

Call it Dagsbury! Ooh, ooh, or how ’bout Blondocks!