“Little Leather Riding Hood”

I was doing some more garage rafter scavenging and ran across another piece of my artistic childhood — “Little Leather Riding Hood.”

It’s Little Red Riding Hood told with a motorcycle, a well-meaning wolf and some nunchucks.

The illustrations aren’t bad for a sixth-grader, and the writing earned its share of “interesting” and “very creative” comments from my teacher.

Click below for 1024 x 768 scans:

I’ll be posting new pages every day this week, so be sure to stop back and watch the story unfold!

No. 2’s Are #1

I love pencils!

Before I was a full-time cartoonist, my inky cubicled coworkers would mock my Ticonderogan tendencies, but I continue to grip graphite to this day.

I love the feel of it rubbing against the paper. I love the hexagonical shape in my fingers. And I love the warm gray against the bright white surface.

My absolute favorite pencil? The American Natural. The smooth unfinished body and firm but yielding graphite has sketched untold thousands of my cartoons.

So, you can imagine my joy when Drawn! pointed out the relatively young Pencil Revolution! Go check it out, it’s fascinating.