Hitler Cartoons (No, I’m Not Kidding)

OK, this is so weird I’m going to let it speak for itself…

A rare book of satirical cartoons featuring Adolf Hitler as a native American beside a Nazi teepee, was sold at auction.

The Nazi leader gave his approval to the first and only edition of the collection, published in 1933, in his first year of power.

The illustrations, compiled from the world’s press including the Daily Express and the New York Herald Tribune, depict Hitler as a ludicrous yet dangerous politician. The book sold for £200.


Cartoon Network’s “Tickle U”

So CN has launched a new block of programming aimed at preschoolers called “Tickle U.”

I’m not sure my son and I will be watching, but I have to admire their approach:

Instead of trying to teach facts, like “Dora The Explorer” on Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network shows are simply aimed at making kids laugh.

“You know they’re going to get the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s in preschool,” said Pola Changon, Cartoon Network’s vice president for on-air production.

Instead, the “Tickle U.” cartoons are aimed at developing a sense of humor in young kids.

I also dig their tag — “School of Knock Knocks.”


Hiroshima Cartoon Blows Up On Cartoonist

Here’s a reaction to the Rob Rogers Hiroshima cartoon flap…

“The very fact that many of your readers would not be alive today if their ancestors were killed during an extended war should have made your editorial team think twice about printing this irresponsible cartoon.”

This sort of thing really irritates me. They might as well say that they fought for freedom, as long as it’s freedom they agree with.