Noir Neophyte Needs Names

OK, I have no idea if Sin City technically counts as true film noir, but I know I really dig this movie and am interested in checking out the genre.

I’ve gotten some books out of the library, but I’d be open to any suggestions you film buffs out there might have for a noir neophyte.

Where should I start?

3 thoughts on “Noir Neophyte Needs Names”

  1. if your looking for film noir to start with its best to ease into it with "The Maltese Falcon" then "this Gun for Hire" its the easy way to start out.

  2. Hey, thanks!

    I think I'm worried about "The Maltese Falcon" not living up to the hype. I mean, this movie is a legend!

    I'll add it to my Netflix queue and letcha know what I think…

  3. There are a lot of movies that you might want to check out. Some contemporary ones: Memento, The Last Seduction, LA Confidential. Going back a little further in time: Body Heat, Blade Runner.

    The Third Man, Night of the Hunter are good. There's a little gem, not on DVD yet, titled Tension that pops up on TCM every once in a while.

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