Another Cartoon That Didn’t Work

Some time ago I blogged about a few cartoons I’d done that, upon reflection, just didn’t end up working out the way I’d hoped.

I ran across another the other day and it re-ignited my interest in my own bad work. So, in that vein I offer…


This cartoon seemed completely passe until that new Microsoft worm (Hee-hee-hee… Suckers!) a few days ago. Now it seems at least relevant, if not very funny.

The idea was the phrase “The early bird gets the worm,” but it’s worded awkwardly and it’s kind of a lame pun.

Also, the guy is apparently looking at something on the ceiling. I tried to correct it in Photoshop as best I could, but it really needed to be redrawn and I just couldn’t be bothered that day. (Perhaps I knew it was lame even then…)

Anyway, stay tuned for more bad cartoons down the road…