Wipe That Smirk Back On Your Face…

Toiletpaper_1Laff Tissue was originally produced by S.S. Adams Co. in New Jersey in 1959.

Also sold as Laughing Tissue, Laughing Comic Tissue and the After Dinner Roll, the novelty item boasted over 6000 gag cartoons on each roll.

When they say they don’t make cartoon markets like they used to, maybe that’s a good thing…

(BTW, this would make a great birthday present for me if anyone’s still looking!)

4 thoughts on “Wipe That Smirk Back On Your Face…”

  1. Is there a link where we can purchase said classy toilet tissue? I Googled "Laff Tissue," but had no luck.

    — Mike "A Gag On my Tush Puts a Smile on My Face" Lynch

  2. I actually have an original roll of 1959 S. S. Adams Co Laughing tissue! It's so cool! I never opened it tho I wanted to keep it in original condition:) I wonder how much this would be worth today! If anyone knows of a price guide or anything you can email me at happygal1122@hotmail.com

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